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SmartDocs - Enterprise Archiving System

SmartDocs is a complete Document Management System integrated with Sharp OSA. Metadata (Details of document) can be entered in the touch screen control panel of your OSA enables Sharp Multifunction. The output of this system is PDF/A which is a ISO standard for long preservation of electronic documents. OCR component makes content search easy. A web based search tool comes with it and search from OSA panel is also available.

Fax Solutions

Sharp MFPs using Open Systems Architecture (OSA) can capture paper documents and route them electronically via the network to the Fax Server. Users initiate the outgoing fax by using the touch screen user interface and, then, scan the document. An incoming fax arrives at the Fax Server. From the Fax Server, the fax can be sent to a Sharp Digital MFP on the network and can be printed or routed electronically for distribution and retrieval.